AVPE invests in NC-PerfectPart Software

AVPE have invested in NC-PerfectPart on 2 Doosan 5axis milling machines to support the increasing demand for machining high value complex components.

AVPE is seeing a significant increase in the demand for machining post deposition complex additive manufactured (AM) near net shaped components. The introduction of NC-PerfectPart will significantly reduce risk of machining parts out of tolerance and reduce both lead times and potential costs related to out of tolerance components. The software works with the Renishaw probes used on the 5 axis machines to inspect the component prior to machining and determine the position within the work area, the complex nature of some ALM component means that it can take several hours of setting to ensure that the part is correctly positioned on the machine.

The introduction of NC-PerfectPart performs this task within minutes. NC-PerfectPart not only measures the position of the component but also its conformance to drawing tolerances and will where report when components are near to drawing tolerances and adjust the machine offsets to compensate. The real added value of measuring the component tolerances is that it also allows AVPE to significantly reduce near net shaped component scrappage costs.

Commenting on this investment, Mark Summers (Managing Director) said, “AVPE is seeing a significant growth in the potential application of AM components in the Aerospace MRO markets, driven by shorter leads times and reduced small batch component costs. AVPE’s investment in this emerging technology reflects the Company’s commitment to providing a market leading service offering in the MRO market.”

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