AVPE (Avon Valley Precision Engineering) invests in new 5-Axis CNC Milling Machine

AVPE is committed to a program of continuous improvement, with an objective of a 2.5% annual productivity enhancement.

  • AVPE has a history of working with its customer base to establish flexible operational practices, underpinned by contractual arrangements, which offer best value for the client.
  • AVPE has free space within its facilities and shareholders will make swift capital investment decisions to support capacity increases required by its customers.
  • AVPE is committed to employee development and up-skilling its workforce. AVPE is able to demonstrate this commitment, as 10% of its workforce is either Apprentices or “A-Level” trainees.

AVPE’s manufacturing strategy enables it to become a partner of choice, where “Fast Shop” and short lead-time spares for AOG’s is a requirement.

AVPE is working with Airbus to develop a UK Supply Chain capability for Additive Manufactured metallic components for the MRO market, with a rapid response capability.